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Compassion Prison Ministry

 Group of volunteers who work in partnership with

prison chaplaincy teams in the UK

Our Mission is to bring the good news to all prisoners and staff allowing them to make positive choices and to be inspired with a love for Christ.

Compassion Prison Ministry is made up of a team of dedicated and committed Christian volunteers who give up much of their time and energy for the work of the ministry. We are always looking to expand our membership base.





    Luncheon Club   

    • We provide meals for the elderly and shut-ins on Tuesdays to Fridays at a small cost.
    • Delivery service is also provided within a limited distance. For more information (Link to website email)
      Dominoes Club: If you love playing dominoes, the group meets most evenings. 


    To motivate and support children and young people to achieve their academic aspirations.

    To support children and young people to identify their talents and unlock potential.

    How we achieve our aims:

    • We provide a conducive learning environment.
    • We work in collaboration with parents/carers.
    • We provide opportunities for parents/carer to build and share their social networks and liaise with local professionals to bridge the social capital gap.
    • We provide a mentoring scheme to help young people link their academic learning to occupational experience and foster a sense of integration into the community.


    Homework Club 


    Working with children from 5 to 18 years 


    Support Group 

    We work closely with the YellowBird Support Group who meet every Thursday.

    Yellowbird offer a drop-in advice and support service to over Fifties from the community regardless of race, gender and disability who may be experiencing isolation and loneliness as well as memory loss or other health/ well being issues. We encourage services users to attend with family members/carers for a range of activities, advice and support.

    Compassion Food Bank

    Compassion Food Bank was set up in 2013 and is aimed at alleviating food poverty in the Greater Manchester Region. Compassion Food Bank has come a long way, providing 2524 food parcels, feeding approximately 4864 people and providing at least 43,776 Meals.